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With a focus on small and medium sized businesses, we work with you to build an affordable website to help solve your biggest problems, find opportunities to enhance your online presence, and build your site to align with your goals.

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A website is essentially the online receptionist for your business. Whether someone finds your site through Google Maps, Instagram, Facebook, Yelp or other platform; they all link back to your website. Your website is the central hub that not only tells people about your business and what you do, but allows you to stake your claim as the go-to expert in your field. It is important to represent your business in the right way, when potential customers find you online. Don’t just treat your business website as a website; leverage it to help gain a competitive advantage.

Often times, we as consumers, end up going to websites that have outdated pictures, services listed that are no longer provided, out of date contact information, or outdated technology that prevents the website from even loading on our phone. Think about the experience you have with that site. Outside of a referral or personal recommendation, is that a company you’d prefer to do business with?

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What Website Best Suites Your Business?


Do you have a brick and mortar store and want to bring it online? Leverage the internet to take your business to the next step. There are many e-commerce solutions for your business. I generally work with Shopify and WooCommerce to implement this functionality. Lets discuss your needs and talk through your options!


If you don't have an e-commerce business, we will get your website all setup to drive leads and provide your customers with an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Based on your business needs, problems and your goals, we will create your website using WordPress or a custom website solution.

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The Process

Building a new website does not need to be stressful. You will be guided through the process, so you know where the project stands at all times and what to expect when we work together.

1. Initial Meeting

The initial meeting, we will discuss your business goals and needs, general requirements, budget and timeline.

2. Project Quote

After we get more information about your project, we will send you a detailed quote with a breakdown of the requirements we discuss.

3. First Payment

Once you agree to accept the quote. You will make a payment of 50% of the project quote. This allows us to block out time for your project and start working on it.

4. Requirement Gathering

Once you are ready to move forward with the project. We will gather requirements in depth and set expectations and timelines.

5. First Design & Revision

We will provide a design mockup to get your feedback and further refine the website design. The initial design is based on our early requirement discussions.

6. Final Sign Off & Payment

Once the revisions are made and you are happy with the website, the second half of the project payment will be due when the site is ready to go live.

7. Launch

Once the website is looking good and we get customer sign off, then the site will be launched and made live!

8. Maintain & Optimize

Whether you host with us, or prefer to use your own hosting service, you want to make sure that your website continues to run smooth by applying critical updates, daily backups, and monitoring.

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